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Measurement of Speech, Audio and Video Transmission Quality In Telecommunication Networks

MESAQIN Laboratories

With two acoustically independent critical listening rooms in our lab, we are able to provide both listening tests as per ITU-T P.800, P.804, P.806, P.807, P.811, P.830, P.835, P.851, ITU-R BS.1116 etc. and conversational tests (as e.g. per P.800 Annex A and P.805). We also provide subjective video quality, audiovisual and Internet multimedia quality testing according to ITU-T P.910, P.911 and consequent standards.
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We also offer subjective quality testing with parallel task according to ETSI TR 103 503. This new ETSI recommendation enables for the first time in the history of standardized subjective testing tests under conditions that mimic real deployments of the telecommunication and radio-communication equipment. Such type of test brings enormous benefits for technology developers and manufacturers - it is proven the parallel task test results correspond more accurately to the real technology usage scenarios and may significantly differ from classical test methods. Do not hesitate to contact us if interested in more details!


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