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Measurement of Speech, Audio and Video Transmission Quality In Telecommunication Networks
Job opportunities


Job opportunities

1. Subjective Audio Tester

We are hiring native German, French, Slovak and Chinese persons (app. 200 per language) for short, but funny and well paid job. We need few hours of your time and native language skills on agreed date(s) in July and August 2014. You can come with your friend or spouse - or you can sign up alone and meet new friends coming from your country in our Prague laboratory.

Why you should attend:

  1. It is well paid and quite simple relaxing work
  2. You will meet new people from your domestic country
  3. You will participate in a world-class research project delivering results directly to the standardization institute and thus contribute to future improvements to telecommunication equipment
  4. You will experience something totally different from your daily work :o)

In case of your interest, send us an email to with Subject line: TESTER

2. Test Administrator

Summer job (July-August 2014) for undergraduate or postgraduate student fluent in English and enjoying meeting and working with new people. User knowledge of MS Office and fluent English is mandatory, one of test languages (German, French, Slovak, Mandarin) knowledge is huge benefit (but not necessary).

In case of your interest, send us your CV to with Subject Line: ADMINISTRATOR


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